How to apply fake eyelashes for beginners tutorial

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girlfriday73 says:

Loved the tutorial! Well definitely try your technique. I love Remy lashes!

CutiePie Brandi says:

Pretty lipstick?

Renee Lannaman says:

Excellent! Thank you?

Julia Watler says:

You have bags under your eyes try concealer?

prettyeyes b says:

Great video. Ill try it!! ?

BgirlIcyy says:

You have very pretty eyes with & without the lashes! ?

Allie Moret says:

Really Good Video. Very Informative. ?

Douglas Lang says:

Great video but I would advise you not put out Facebook and Twitter info
without these accounts being set up first. When clicking on your FB link it
goes to some white girls page & when clicking on twit it errors out (no
account exist). Just some info from a web pro. Cheers and keep up the good
content. ?

Lauren Shepherd says:

Very helpful! Have you seen anyone use anything other than the glue that
comes with the lashes? I think i’ve seen someone use hair glue but IDK how
safe that was…?

Taylor Natonie says:

this didn’t even help me at all took a long time to get the actual tutorial?

Tatyana Turner says:

Too much talking boo. Not very helpful.?

Nia Spears says:

This was very helpful. Even though ppl say my real lashes are already extra
long, whenever I go somewhere I don’t always want to apply that so I buy
lashes now. ?

Brianna Wilson says:

How long do u keep the lashes on and how do you take them off ?

La'Chae lyttle says:

Beautiful i will be trying !?

Nikole Adkins says:

thanks so much video helped a lot Nikole

Tony Vella says:

I am on my husbands acct: -You did very good -Now lets see if I can do it
as well as you did- You made this look so easy- But I think it has a lot to
do with the product as well- Thanks- NJ


on top 🙂

Kodak AGGSWE says:

this is so detailed, thanks so much I am new to this all.

Kodak AGGSWE says:

is that on your eyelashes or on top?

Erica Byrne says:

Hello!! OK so I’m totally new to the falsies. My eyelashes are blonde you
can hardly tell I have any. Do you recommend I use brown lashes? Thanks a
lot 4 this tutorial, you make it seem so easy:)

Adrienne Arnold says:

great job!!

Tabitha Reinhardt says:

Thank yyou!! Ive never done this before and i feel more cofident going into
it for sure.

Daynette Haywood says:

Job well done..I think I can do it @ watching this video..


Glad it helped! Thanks for watching 🙂

Ingrid Jones says:

wow! I am good at putting on false eyelashes on other people this helped me
out a lot for me…thanks

Asia Turner says:

the way you looked when you dropped the lashes tho ! classic

Fatay Baskett says:

Hi I’m new to this. I wanted to no how do u clean them is it with a makeup
remover or just plain soap and water? Thanks for the video

Shakera Seward says:

lol just looking at that lipstick in the store…


Check out my ‘how to remove lashes’ video. Link is in the bottom
description bar

casseawins says:

Excellent tutorial! New subscriber

DorcoUSA says:

Thanks for pointing out the difference between the lashes with a clear band
vs a black band! These were helpful tips! – dorcousa*com


-_- At the very top of the description bar and in the video, I clearly
state “skip to 5:25 if you don’t want to hear me talking”

Sheyla Luna says:

Love it was clear and easy to follow, great tips.

Josiane Chase says:


Tasha Dee says:

How often do you change your lashes?

Priscilla Johnson says:

great tutorial thanks

tronqispop23 says:

thank you so much!!!

Sandra Amika says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. This has helped me alot <3

Shanice Mills says:

Can You Make A Video On How You Take Your Eyelashes Off . ?


glad I could help! 🙂

Septmbr says:

EEEEEEE turn up Bre!


I’m applying these to my eyelid, however with these clear lashbands you can
apply to your actual lashes (which I do sometimes).

Monichelle Manning says:

Did you get the glue from your local beauty store too ?

Cherry Blossom says:

Great video! how do you clean the mascara off of your lashes?

PrettyGirlJas says:

You’re so prettt

cara reed says:

Do you sleep in your lashes or re apply daily

precious986532 says:

ur so pretty

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